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Iranian Embassy Siege - SAS in Action


The SAS assault, codenamed "Operation Nimrod", was broadcast live at peak time on the 5th May 1980. It was viewed by millions of people, mostly in the UK, making it a defining moment in British history. Both the BBC and ITV interrupted their scheduled programming to show the end of the siege. Now discover the inside story of what lead up to the raid, how it almost went tragically wrong, and how it cemented the Special Air Services as one of the elite Special Forces. NEW FOR 2018 For a small additional fee I can bring examples of SAS weapons and equipment.

SAS Storming the Iranian Embassy

Non-Aviation Related Presentations

B2 Stealth Bomber

Four Minute Warning -
What Would Have Happened?


The four-minute warning was a public alert system conceived by the British Government during the Cold War and operated between 1953 and 1992. The name derived from the approximate length of time from the point at which a Soviet nuclear missile attack against the UK could be confirmed and the impact of those missiles on their targets. This talk examines the nuclear threat, what would have happened should the alarm have sounded and its consequences.  



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