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"Do what you do well so they will want to see it again and bring their friends."

Guy Bartlett - The Aeroplane Man

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Fundraising Ideas for Your Group

Why not invite me to present to your community and raise funds by selling tickets for the event?

Groups are now able to book me to give one of my popular & entertaining talks and sell admission tickets to raise funds. 


How does it work?

It's simple. Contact me and find a mutually convenient date. Once details have been finalised I will produce a full-colour poster to advertise the event that will be sent electronically to the event organiser to be printed and distributed as appropriate. I will also, if required, advertise the talk on this website (public talks link above) so that even more people will be aware of the talk and thus increase the potential audience size. All equipment is provided by myself, all I need is a screen or blank wall (wall preferred) to project onto. As part of the package I will stay behind after my presentation and answer as many questions as your audience may have. They will have the chance to purchase souvenirs too, if they wish.


Who Are My Talks For?

My talks are designed to be of interest to everyone whether they have a passion for aircraft or not. They are delivered in an energetic manner and I am always willing to take questions at the end. I have given presentations to numerous audiences ranging from school children, parent groups, professionals, enthusiast and older persons groups. I do not use jargon. My enthusiasm for the subject is often commented upon and my inclusive style ensures all will learn something.


What Do I Do Next?

To find out more about this opportunity to fund-raise for your group please email me.


Terms & Conditions

As well as my normal fee each ticketed "public" event will incur an additional charge based on ticket sales. Should I not be able to attend for reasons beyond my control (bad weather, illness, car breakdown etc.)  I am not liable for any costs, or lost profits in relation to the event. Full details will be confirmed with the event organiser during booking confirmation. h