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Guy Bartlett - The Aeroplane Man

Concorde- Icon of the Skies


The fastest passenger aircraft of all time.  First flown in 1969, this iconic vehicle was ahead of its time in many ways. Join me on a journey of discovery focused on this beautiful aircraft and learn new facts as I share my experience of super-sonic flight with you. There will never be another aircraft like Concorde. When she flew the public would stop to look up. The perfect synergy of technology and design.


How The 747 Got Its Hump


The Boeing 747 is perhaps one of the most recognisable aircraft in service today. This presentation looks at the success of this versatile aircraft which is now over 50 years old. Did you know 747’s transported the Space Shuttle? 
Would you like to find out what unique features are built into Airforce One, the presidential aircraft of the United States? Then this is the talk for you! Updated for 2021

Flying Past - Aviation in Kent


Maybe surprisingly, Kent has been at the forefront of aviation since the 1880’s. This talk will explore the history of balloons, airships and aircraft in the county. It includes information about Kentish airfields past and present and gives suggestions for places of interest which you may like to visit. A new talk for Autumn 2021 offering something for everyone who has an interest in either Kent or aviation.

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Talks for Groups - How The 747 Got Its Hump