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Avro Vulcan - The Delta Deterrent


Designed to drop a nuclear payload deep within Russia, this delta-winged aircraft together with the Victor and Valiant made up the UK V-Force. Used by the RAF between 1956 - 1984 the Vulcan held the record for the longest bombing mission in history when the RAF,  flying from Ascension Island, bombed the strategically important Argentinian-captured runway at Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands. This presentation will explore all aspects of the aircraft. For example, why did each Vulcan carry a RAT?


Concorde - Supersonic Cover Up?


An Air France Concorde crashed shortly after take off from Charles De Gaulle airport in July 2000. After an extensive investigation the world was told the cause was a strip of metal which had falled from a DC-10 and burst one of Concorde's tyres. However, the truth is far more disturbing. Using official crash investigation reports a new theory has emerged. This talk will explore what actually happened on that fateful day and why Concorde was really stopped from flying in 2003. A new talk for 2021. This talk will make you re-think what you thought you knew...

The History of the Red Arrows


Red Arrows pilots are amongst the most highly-qualified and experienced within the Royal Air Force. During the display season the Red Arrows perform between
75-85 air displays and more than 100 fly-pasts. Each pilot is hand-picked and only a very few will be given the privilege of representing the RAF both in the UK and abroad. Their Hawk aircraft are essentially the same as those used by the Advanced Flying Training students at Royal Air Force Valley, with the exception of smoke generators and a slightly uprated engine. Let me share some of their history with you.

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Avro Vulcan
RAF Red Arrows